An AI-based software that supports doctors with global expertise during medical history, examinations or treatments.

Invention Design I

Hannes Bruß

Prof. David Oswald, Maurice Rio
MEDICALBRAIN is to be understood as a digital assistant that supports doctors in making better decisions for the benefit of their patients. This can be important examinations or suitable treatments and medication, e.g. in the case of intolerances.
In the background of the tool is an algorithm that is based on comprehensive data from the entire database of all patients registered in the health network. At the same time, this algorithm continues to develop based on the machine learning principle, using new data acquired time and again.
The data required for a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis is provided by the newly introduced electronic patient record (elektronische Patienten-Akte). The ePA represents a new type of personal overall file for medical information in Germany. In the future, all medical documents, examinations, laboratory values, etc. will be recorded in it.
Data will be collected by all attending physicians, who will record information relevant to the illness, such as symptoms and findings. With a growing amount of data, the tool is able to hypothesize diagnoses, and increasingly gain a better differentiation for them.
After working out our concept, we started taking things further with the visualization.
Colors, font and design principles were set up.
Regarding the user group, which are doctors of every age, we decided to layout a rather simple UI.


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